Hello my name is Dr Alka,
I qualified as a UK dentist from Kings College Dental School in London with my BDS it was one of the best days of my life.
Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.
Whether you are a young high School Student, a Concerned Parent, a Career Adviser just wanting some information on how to become a dentist

You are an A level, Mature or Graduate Student ready to apply to dental school, this site has information for you all.
If you are thinking about a career as a dentist I know exactly what steps you will go through after all I have been through the entire studying and selection process successfully myself.
You need to decide if becoming a dentist is right or you.
Most dentists practicing today made thier decision to become a dentist in late high school or early college.
Its never too soon or too late to begin some serious thinking about your career in dentistry.
“no one in my Family had ever even been to university,
never mind become a doctor or dentist …
it was frustrating trying to work it all out on my own…
but that only spurred me on more..”
There were lots of steps along the way to becoming a dentist, for example firstly I had to conquer myself and believe I could do it, I had to decide if it was the right career for me. I then had to work out what and where to study, followed by various stages of applications and trying to convince the right panels that I was the right candidate for the much sought after dental school position.

Do as much research NOW to make sure this is the RIGHT DECISION FOR YOU.

Studying to become a dentist can be a long process:
2 years getting top GCSE results
+2 years getting top A Level results
+5 years in dental school
+1 year vocational training
You Need To Plan Early NOW.
To become a UK dentist you will need to be accepted on a BDS course (or sometimes a BChd) at university. The subject you will be studying is Dentistry.
Your application form will include your academic grades and subjects i.e. GCSE’s and A Levels.
Universites look for specific subjects and specific grades that they want you to have studied.
You must know what these are early on so you can make the right decisions EVEN BEFORE YOU’VE CHOSEN YOUR GCSE’S OR A LEVELS if possible.
Some univeristes accept A/S levels again you need to now who accepts what and what is expected early on.
Another part of your application asks about areas such as Relevant Work Experience, Extra Ciricular Activites and you are also required to complere a large section giving a Personal Statement about yourself. You will also need a Referee.
Some dental schools require you to sit UKCAT (UK Clinical Apptitude Test) and some don’t.
All of these areas need CAREFUL CONSIDERATION EARLY ON, don’t wait till your ready to apply to dental school and then panic that you have missed some critical area.
Being prepared early on is the key, if you know what will impress the admissions tutors when the time comes you can be miles ahead of the crowd.

But wait…it gets more interesting..

Did you also know that Dentistry is ONE OF THE MOST (IF NOT THE MOST) competitive course to get ACCEPTED ON at university in the UK today?
I Recently Read In The Daily Telegraph
That Dentisty As A Course Has The Highest Ratio Of Applications To Available Positions Than Any Other University Course In The UK..
For example 871 STUDENTS APPLIED to Birmingham dental school last year for JUST 60 OPENINGS…
Dr Alka Why Is It So Competitive?
The role of a dentist involves much more than just pulling teeth.
You are required to calm nervous patients, design and discuss treatment plans, analyse x rays, conduct surgical procedures such as extracting wisdom teeth, conduct root fillings, fit crowns and dentures.
ou are also required to work as part of a close team, amongst many other neccessary skills and attributes.
A dentist has to make decisions based on sound ethical, moral and scientific principles, exercise initiative and personal responsiblity.
As a healthcare professional providing a caring service for the local community you will be working in close contact with many people.
For some the prestige of the becoming a dentist and getting the Dr’s title can be very appealing.
Financially the job can also be very rewarding often carrying a six figure salary and great job prospects and security for life.
It is for these reasons that dentist are both professionaly and higly competent in their role.
As a result of all of the above factors successfuly applying and securing a place at dental school has become very, very competitive.
This has led to a huge increase in applications for dentistry BDS courses in the UK.
Many students meet the Minimum Academic Requirements
to get into dental school and so all applications are considered within a competitive environment.
Therfore many dental schools will endeavour to consider OTHER FACTORS IN ADDITION TO EXAM RESULTS!
Usually No Dental School Offers are made without an interview.
Interviews are usually conducted by at least two senior members usually from the clinical and biomedical sciences staff.
The aim of the interview is to assess your personal qualities and to find out whether you have the the potential to become a successful member of the dental profession.
You need to know how to express yourself at the interviews and how to highlight your best qualites in the most effective way.
It would really help if you had an idea of what type of questions to expect and what the interview panels criteria for selection are.
Dr Alka What are the Benefits Of Becoming A Denitst?
Working as dentist can be very rewarding and fulfilling:
- Great job prospects you can work in lots of different fields from the NHS, Private Practice
or even the RAF
- Job Satisfaction, dentistry is a Caring Profession, so very fulfilling helping people out of pain
or with cosmetic dentistry i.e. increasing someones confidence.
- Working with people, a pillar of the local community
- Great job flexibility, work part time or full time etc
- Great job security
- Six figure salary working just a 37 hour week
- Innovative field with lots of new technological advancements e.g. laser drilling etc
An Average NHS Dentist In The UK Earns £100,000+
Six-Figure Salary
Working An Average 37 Hour Week,

Dentistry Is A Caring Profession and Can Be A Very Fulfiling & Rewarding
Career As You Are Providing Essential Healthcare and Helping people..

Ok Dr Alka, This Is All Very Interesting..
But How Come Your Willing To Share ALL of This With Me?..

It All Started When My Younger Brother Came Knocking At My Door,
For Career Advice..

here’s what happend..

Simply because of something which occurred to me when my younger brother came to me for career advice. I guided him through the whole process from what subjects to study, going over application forms with him, to role playing interview techniques that he would face with the panel etc.
Many of his friends got rejected from the dental schools they applied to…
but my brother followed the advice I gave him and I am proud to say he got the grades, flew through the interviews and application process. He was accepted by one of the top dental schools in the UK, he is now a qualified dentist working in private practice specialising in cosmetic dentistry.
This experience taught me lots of valuable lessons.. I have since mentored several students and they have achieved similar results and gone on to pursue thier chosen career as Dentists.
and that’s when it hit me..
I then got thinking, I really enjoy helping students with career advice, maybe I could use my experience to help other students or parents by preparing them for a career and mentoring them along their path on how to become a dentist,
I could have done with a mentor, something I wish I had when I was trying to work it all out on my own…….
My method has really helped a lot of students and it can really work for you too..
In response I have written this guide on how to become a dentist.
I Have Poured My Knowledge into a Simple practical guide called..
Written in Plain English,
For Beginners AND A level Students,
Full of Insider Tips and Sound Advice
For Complete Beginners
Step by Step we walk you through all the information you need to know to become a dentist.
We look at:
- Whats the Role of a dentist
- Are you suited to become a dentist
- What subjects to study GCSE, and at A Level
- Your Psychology – Believe you can do this
- What qualifications you need
- What extra ciricular activites to participate in
- What work experience you should be considering
- Dr Alka’s personal study tips
and much more essential career information..
Basically everthing you need to know EARLY ON to make the right decisons for your career ahead.
Save yourself time and frustration, know if this is the right career choice for you, and if it is exactly
what steps you need to take to make it happen.
For A Level Students
Get insider tips on :
- Completing the UCAS forms
- How To Write Personal Statement Tipsand much, much more..
- Real Life Personal Statement Case Examples
- What to expect at the Interview
- Interview Tips
- How to prepare for Interviews
- 100 REAL Interview Questions
- Dr Alka’s Personal Study Tips
We know how over whelming this can all seem on top of studying for your A levels.
You are not alone, we have walked in your shoes.
If you want to become a dentist,
who better to learn from than dentists who have actually been through the entire process..
And You Too Can Use This INSIDER INFORMATION to start A Brand New Career…
  • use my knowledge to save you time and frustration trying to work it out yourself.
  • Know what to expect from the application process, prepare yourself and give yourself the best chance of getting accepted into dental school
  • Give yourself a competive edge over other less prepared students
  • Practice using the 100 sample interview questions to build your confidence
  • Use My Personal Proven study tips to get the grades
  • Don’t wait until its too late and then realise you’ve missed out something, know what is expected of you in advance and be prepared
your also going to want to know this…
Whether your ready to apply to University or Not,
‘THE UK DENTAL SCHOOL REPORT’ is packed from cover to cover with information on what all 16 UK Dental Schools are looking for when assesing Your Application.
.be a dentist
This is critical information for anyone considering how to become a dentist.
Inside you can look at each dental school one by one and at a glance you can see specifics like:.
  • how many places to applications there are for a specific dental school,
  • or how the interview is structured for a specific dental school,
  • or what qualites are important for you to demonstrate on your personal statement for any given university.
When admissions tutors look at your application they want to begin to develop some insight into what attracted an individual to dentistry in the first place, and what sustained and confirmed this choice.
A string of A grades alone is no guarantee of a place,
  • admissions tutors want to know what motivates you,
  • why dentistry,
  • what skills have you demonstrated,
  • what do you do in your spare time etc.
This guide lays it all out,
in fact…
DON’T JUST WAIT UNTIL YOUR READY TO APPLY TO DENTAL SCHOOL its even better if you know EARLY ON what they expect from you,
That way you can get involved in and make better decisions on YOUR WORK EXPERIENCE, which Clubs and Societes to join ETC

I’ll Be Honest, I Want You To Succeed,
My Reputation Depends On It!..

So, I’m Going to Go One Last Step Further…
I was going to set the price for ‘How To Become A Dentist’ career programme at £99.95.
However, as I want my messege to go out to as many people who need it I’m not even going to charge you what you could make in one day when you qualify as a dentist.
Also, remember I’m giving you for a limited time only the BONUS Email Access, 1 months email access to me one on one to answer your personal questions on how to become a dentist
(this offer is for a limited time only and will be withdrawn as soon as I have more students than I can handle, so be quick).
To make this affordable for everyone who needs it the price I have set is £19.95,
not bad for a programme that could bring you or someone you care about in £100,000+per year for the rest of your life.
And YES that INCLUDES EVERYTING I’ve Mentioned:
how to become a dentist


It’s really easy and straightforward to order even if its 2am by clicking below
You can pay by CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL
You will INSTANTLY be sent a LINK to download your copy
Works on all computer’s both PC’s and MAC’s.
Be informed and start your future as a dentist by taking action today. I do hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
I look forward to hearing your success stories.
Dr Alka Bds
P.S. Save yourself time and hassle, get all the information you want to become a dentist practically handed to you on a silver platter.
I have done all the work for you. Remember I have put my name to this and my reputation depends on it.
Remember ‘Someday becomes NO day’. All the best intentions in the world won’t reach your goals. You need to take some ACTION today to move toward your goal.

Works on all computer’s both PC’s and MAC’s.
If You Have Any Questions Please Email,
London. England. UK.
solo & cirrus image 2
Getting AAAABBBBCCD in my gcses wasn’t the best start to trying to apply for dental school, I knew my options were limited and decided to roam the internet and luckily stumbled upon this very amazing guide. Containing an astonishing 100 practice interview questions which I was doing in the car and in the common room almost every day towards the interview. I managed to get an offer of AAA at Dundee University, currently rated by the Guardian as the 2nd best UK dental university, through excellent personal statement and university choosing help offered by both the guide and Dr ALka herself! After bearing in mind the great study techniques also in the guide I ended up getting A*A*A as my A-level results!
I would definitely recommend this guide to anyone looking to apply for dentistry as the help is top quality, irreplaceable and near enough essential to getting a real shot at becoming a dentist, especially if you have no idea as to what you might be getting yourself into!!!
Its been a great 2 years, the journey’s been awsome and good luck to anyone reading this and wanting to become a dentist!,
Hi Dr Alka,  Just me here, hope you are doing well! I’m just letting you know how first year went for me, sorry about the long gap in replies. Thanks a lot for your help and encouragement around Christmas time, I managed to pull myself together and got some great results. Then at the end of year exams I did really well in again and they invited me in for a VIVA where they each took it in turn to grill me! And eventually I finished the year with an overall distinction!
Thanks very much for all the help you gave me over the years it really was invaluable, I’m always telling dental applicants to grab your ebook if they can! I’m just about to start second year now  (very exited) I’v just got some extracted teeth from my dentist which we’ll be using to practise on next year! (as well as a boot load full of old dental textbooks!) I’ll make sure to keep in touch and let you know how the years going!
Thanks again!
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  • ksmile

    Hi doctor Alka I’m 27 and on a access to higher education diploma level 3 in nursing which involves nursing studies,health sciences Phychology and sociology of health would that give me a chance to apply to dentistry

  • A Helper

    Hi everyone, i am just here to add some usefull advice. One- Becoming a dentist is very competative, it is not a case of what a website says, it is a case of what the competition is like and it can be fierce. There are people like me who have kown they wanted to do this since year 8 or 9, they also ahieve very high grades, i have the opportunity to get 13 gcse’s and i am predicted A/A* on every single one. So to gather from this, prepare at an early age and know your competition. Secondly- It is not a case of i am going to be, or i think i should be a… because it is not just a decision it is lots of hard work. I am not trying to put people down but it agitates me when people suddenly say ‘i am going to be a dentist’ because it is so much more than that.Finally, yo have to stand out, you cannot be an average joe you have to research it, know it and work for it.

  • narges

    hello dear,
    i am recently thinking about going to dental school, but i am not sure whether i will be accepted or not because, i have graduated from BA. Accounting and finance,and my high-school, and pre-university were in mathematics and physics, i had chemistry, maths and physics with grades As, but i had no biology in my high-school and pre-u, that makes me worried about it?
    can a person with a bachelor degree in accounting and finance, and high-school and pre-u in mathematics and physics go for dentistry?
    also i am 24 years old and i think it would be late for studying another degree :(

  • Ahmed

    Hey doctor.
    i am 17 years old from Egypt.Thats my last year at IGCSE and i wanna enter the faculty of dentistry here in Cairo.My grades is not very good but i am intrested in Biology. i am confused. what specials i should have for entering and get high grades in this faculty ??
    Also i wanna know what sibjects i will learn most probably there.
    Thank u for caring.
    waiting for your reply plz:)

  • elizabeth elliot

    Hi doctor,
    I have completed my B.d.s in India and i want to work in London.so what should i do?what are exams should i give?if i study any P.g course
    can i work in U.K?if so how to enter into p.g course.
    waiting for your reply.
    With regards,


    Dear Dr Alka
    I’m woundring if you could help me to suggest of doing dentist. I’m from Eritra and have been in Uk for 2years.In back home I learnt English,Maths,Biology,Science,Physics and Chemistry that is in highschool. My future plan is to become a Dentist till now I haven’t got any voluntary works in Dentistry area but It’s all in my plan ,currently
    Ihave been doing PRE ACCESS COURSE at Bournville college L2 and I have got Maths L2 and English L1 from Mattew Bollton College ,so nextyear I will be in Access course L3,So that What subjects do i need to take .
    Inaddition,I would like to ask you some questions so is it possible that we can communicate on email, I would really appreciate it. Thank you



  • jasmin

    Hi Dr
    My Dad is a dentist and is also as motivating as you.
    Is it an edge cause he is a dentist …do the Unis care.
    i know I need the grades and so far i have them ?

  • ulla


    where can I get the book?
    does it tell you what you need for your GCSE’s ?
    and what you need for your A level?

    i’m a student in year 10 and I will start my GCSE’s next moth.
    can you still become a dentist even if you are doing foundation in science

    many Thanks

  • sehar

    hi there,
    how do you update the eBook, as i only have the 2009 version at the moment?

  • Sultana

    Hi Dr alka ,
    i want to ask you question about requirements in applying for dentistry.

    what if i have completed BTEC LEVEL 3 NATIONAL DIPLOMA and i achieved D*D*D and the points were high. Do you reckon that the Uni would accept people who do BTEC to get into dentistry?.

    or, BTEC is not accpeted in becoming Dentist?.
    i really want to know, thanks for your time.

  • Haleh

    Dear Dr Alka,

    I read your article and found it very motivating, however I am still not sure about my decision. Sometimes I am even shamed to think about it at my current age. I am 46 and really really want to apply for a BDs programme as a graduate. My daughter will go to Uni next year and I feel wverybody will laugh on me. I have an undergraduate nursing degree BSc from overseas and a MBA from here (UK).
    Please let me know if it is late to become a dentist at the age of 51.
    looking forward to hearing from you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

    Best Regards

  • Fareed Oatel

    I got c,d,e,e at AS and im thinking of resitting the year? i dont think il be able to cope with the work in A2. What shalll i do? are there ay unversties that accept students that resit the year?

  • Valerie

    Dear Dr Alka

    I have currently just finished my AS levels and came out with ABBB- a in fine art and b’s in maths,chem and bio. Do you think its still worth me applying to dentistry and can i get these grades up with resits to AAA in chem bio and maths by the end of A-levels. Also would it be better if i kept maths chem and bio or chem bio and fine art?

    Please please reply!!!!

  • Adam

    Dear Dr Alka

    I just got my GCSE results today, and i think it has messed up my chances of getting into dentistry.
    I got A – chemistry, A- physics, B- Biology, A- maths, B – history, B- english, C- expressive arts, D- french :/ and 2 ICT GCSES
    for A levels ive chosen; biology, chemistry, mathematics and psychology or physics.
    would i still have a chance if i did well in my A levels?

  • Hassan

    Hi I just wanted to know if I will be able to do a postgraduate in dentistry if I am studying dental technology.

  • sadj

    hi dr Alka
    i want to become a dentist
    your website help me to know some of the answers

  • Rose Dawson

    Can you please tell me names of universities who give 100% scholarship in UK so I can apply to them :p

  • zara

    hi there i did science and i got all c and now am in collage and because i didnt get B i couldnt do science in AS or A level but my dream is to become a dentist plz can you help me by showing me another way many thanks

  • Rimisha

    Hi Dr Alka,

    I am a 16 year old student and I am currently in the first year of A-levels. Also, I have no idea on what I want to do in the future:( I was quite curious on what a dentists’ job is and what the procedures etc they go through. I was reading the page about your thoughts on dentistry and how you made a big impact on other students’ grades and made them get A*’s in their subjects through that guide you have produced. I really would like to know more about dentistry and what it’s about. I don’t want to buy the book yet though because obviously I don’t know whether I should take it a step further or not. Please could you tell me more on dentistry and what it’s about and what decisions you made when you were doing AS levels. What would you do if you were in my shoes? I don’t know what I should do.

    Please reply ASAP!!!!

    Thank you, a


  • zxcvbnm,

    hi dr alka,
    i just wanted to know if you can help me
    i really want tobe dentist so i am really stuck on which gcse subjects to choose. so please can you help me to choose the subjects i need to become a dentists?
    thank you

  • Pip

    Hi I just want to know what grades I need to become a dentist and what course I need to look into on UCAS thanks

  • maryam

    dear alka
    i a in year 11 and currently doing double science. if i choose btec science for a levels would that effect me in the future to become a dentist?
    can i choose btec science for a-levels

  • Hammad Tahir

    Hi Dr Alka
    I was wondering if i have a B in GCSE maths would it effect me getting into dentistry?

  • Sanam

    Hello I really want this question answered please…I am doing btec and deciding to do chemistry and biology as my A levels, but will universities still accept this? :)

  • SuIe

    Hi alka
    I’m in year 9 and I’m not sure whether I need to
    Do English bacc

  • mel1997

    Is it possible to be a dentist’s nurse and then study to become a dentist?

  • vaibhavi

    hello Dr Alka,
    I have done my Masters in Paediatric dentistry from India and was hoping to join dentistry in UK. I am not keen on doing the ORE and want to study dentistry from graduate level in UK. Would I be entitled to do so? if yes how?

  • Andd even if it had been available, iit would have cost you a couple oof healthy limbs.

    After installation, you’ve gott to get the program up and running and
    that usually involves a bit of calibration and learnimg the interface.
    If you call to actfion involves special pricing onn your prooduct or
    service, create a landing page on your website that greets the participants by name, i.

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